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  • Ahmed Saleh

Belghazi Heritage Museum at Jazan Honey Festival gains attention for artifacts

Al-Edabi, Jazan, January 29, 2024, Both locals and tourists have shown a great deal of interest in the Belghazi Heritage Museum, which is on display at the 9th Jazan Honey Festival at the Cultural Center Square in Al-Edabi Governorate, Jazan Region. The museum's collection of historic artworks and artifacts makes it stand out.

The museum's supervisor, Noura Al-Ghazwani, stated that the exhibits feature a wide range of historical relics, including antique coins, implements for agriculture, firearms, ceramics, and stone utensils. She stressed that the museum, which is devoted to presenting the history of the Al-Edabi province in the Jazan region, is unique in that it is the first official personal museum in the area.

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