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  • Sheryll Mericido

BMW Middle East partners with Nigma Galaxy for MENA esports promotion

The renowned luxury automaker BMW Group Middle East is excited to announce its relationship with Nigma Galaxy, one of the biggest esports teams in the MENA region. This exciting partnership highlights BMW Group Middle East's participation in the esports scene and supports the locally popular gaming industry even more.

In 2019, Team Nigma and Galaxy Racer combined to form Nigma Galaxy, a global esports brand that has since gained notoriety in the gaming industry.

Four of the most successful esports players founded Nigma Galaxy, an organization with six esports teams competing across numerous games, including well-known ones like League of Legends, Dota 2, PUBG Mobile, and more. Team Nigma, which is at the forefront of creating esports infrastructure and fostering local talent in the MENA region, is very active both within the region and outside of it, taking part in prestigious competitions like Gamers8, which is currently taking place in Riyadh and will continue until August 31, 2023.

Following a number of interesting agreements with Publicis Groupe, BMW Group Middle East has been progressively increasing its footprint in the esports industry over the past few years. The Publicis Groupe and BMW Group Middle East cooperation known as Nigma Galaxy will help the automotive brand's presence in esports grow and improve the gaming experience for fans all over the world.

The managing director of BMW Group Middle East, Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, stated: "As a gamer myself, I am overjoyed to team up with Nigma Galaxy, a major force in the esports industry. As part of its dedication to supporting and fostering talent in the area, BMW Group Middle East will continue to take an active role in the gaming community. As we begin this cooperation, our goal is to interact with gamers and produce amazing experiences that showcase the shared values of Nigma Galaxy and BMW.

Christoph Timm, co-founder of Nigma Galaxy, emphasized the common ideals that underlie this alliance in his statement, saying, "This collaboration with BMW Group Middle East resonates deeply with our vision and beliefs. BMW's dedication to excellence and ongoing innovation perfectly complements our determination to push the limits of eSports. Together, we want to empower and inspire a new generation of gamers by encouraging them to pursue their goals in the vibrant world of competitive gaming and by fostering lifelong memories that connect the virtual and real worlds.

When evaluated through the lens of Nigma Galaxy's key principles of enthusiasm, innovation, people, and sportsmanship, the cooperation between BMW Group Middle East and Nigma Galaxy is also solid. Both brands have an unwavering love for what they do, constantly going above and beyond to improve their performance. BMW's dedication to sustainability and cutting-edge technology aligns with Nigma Galaxy's pioneering mentality in the esports business. Innovation is profoundly woven into their DNA.

Since both organizations recognize the vital role that their teams and communities play, the human element is at the heart of how they conduct their business. Finally, whether they are pushing the limits on the road or dominating the virtual arena, sportsmanship is the cornerstone of their competitive spirit.

The companies collaborated on a video that featured two of Nigma Galaxy's biggest stars, Hamody and LORD, to announce their relationship. The gamers demonstrated their remarkable skills while playing esports while moving in the stylish sports saloon at the Dubai Autodrome while putting their talent and concentration to the test in the backseat of a BMW M5 Competition.

BMW Group Middle East is dedicated to assisting Nigma Galaxy in its efforts to develop regional talent and advertise esports on a global scale by lending its considerable experience and resources. Nigma Galaxy is in a unique position to foster talent in the Middle East because of its Abu Dhabi headquarters. This position strengthens ties between the MENA area and the worldwide esports league while also providing opportunities for local talent to grow.

The relationship between BMW and Nigma Galaxy, which combines the skill and ambition of the esports team with the history and creativity of the automobile brand, represents an exciting new chapter in the esports world. Together, they work to improve the esports experience, produce amazing fan experiences, and motivate the upcoming generation of gamers.

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