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BMW Mobile Junior Campus Debuts in Middle East at Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The BMW Group's "Mobile Junior Campus," which had just arrived in the Middle East, made its regional premiere at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2022 by presenting a number of programs for young students. In a groundbreaking collaboration between Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors, the esteemed importer of BMW Group in Saudi Arabia, and a group of enthusiastic youngsters, over 700 children recently participated in a series of captivating interactive workshops. The primary objective of these engaging sessions was to ignite a sense of inspiration and impart valuable knowledge on the critical subjects of sustainability, future mobility, and road safety.

The young participants were provided with a unique opportunity to engage in hands-on experiences that focused on STEM learning. These activities were carefully crafted in collaboration with Nahda Academy with the goal of fostering the development of their creative and cognitive abilities.

In line with BMW's commitment to sustainability, the company recently organized a series of engaging activities for children. These activities were designed to promote the principles of RE:THINK, RE:DUCE, RE:USE, and RE:CYCLE. During the event, children were tasked with completing various challenges, including maneuvering programmed robots through difficult obstacles. Additionally, they had the opportunity to showcase the alternative use of clean energy by blending healthy, locally sourced ingredients into smoothies using mechanical bikes. These activities aimed to educate and inspire the younger generation about the importance of embracing clean energy solutions.

The significance of road safety was prominently highlighted at a specialized car crash test facility featuring miniature models. In a noteworthy gesture, licenses were bestowed upon every learner driver as a tangible memento, acknowledging their diligent efforts. A comprehensive road network, complete with road signs, zebra crossings, and traffic signals, has been established within the premises. This immersive setup aims to provide children with a realistic experience of driving and familiarize them with the various elements they can expect to encounter on the road.

In addition to engaging in practical sessions, every participant had the opportunity to partake in theoretical classes that centered on the future of mobility and sustainability. These educational sessions provided valuable content to enhance their understanding of these crucial topics. In a remarkable display of knowledge and awareness, every child present expressed their commitment to safeguarding the environment.

In a statement, Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, the esteemed Managing Director of BMW Group Middle East, expressed his pride in witnessing the remarkable enthusiasm exhibited by the promising young leaders of tomorrow at the prestigious BMW Group Junior Campus in Jeddah. Saudi Arabia has unveiled its groundbreaking initiative, the 'Mobile Junior Campus', which aims to nurture the skills of the next generation. This innovative project underscores the nation's dedication to shaping the future of its youth by exploring novel avenues for their development.

In a recent statement, Dr. Haqparwar emphasized the significance of incorporating interactive, STEM-based learning into the initiative, highlighting the teaching of sustainability principles and the crucial aspect of road safety. In expressing gratitude, the individual extends their thanks to Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors and Nahda Academy for their invaluable support in facilitating an innovative and transformative experience for the budding learners in Jeddah.

In an exclusive interview, Fatima Naghi, the esteemed head principal of Nahda Academy, expressed her gratitude for the unique collaboration with BMW Group. She described the chance to offer young learners an extraordinary and engaging educational experience through the innovative 'Mobile Junior Campus' as a true honor. Educators express excitement over the prospect of a mobile platform that utilizes interactive, STEM-based exercises to promote a holistic understanding of road safety and sustainability.

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