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  • Ahmed Saleh

BMW opens Riyadh dealership, Saudi Arabia's official importer

The new BMW Group dealership in Riyadh has opened, according to Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors (MYNM), the official importer of BMW Group automobiles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ideas guiding the design philosophy include more adaptable and stylish interiors with multi-functional sections and open spaces, as well as seamless integration of all consumer touchpoints. They are based on the BMW Group's "Retail.Next" framework. The BMW iX5 Hydrogen pilot fleet made its Middle Eastern debut during the showroom opening. This fleet will illustrate the dependability and feasibility of alternative emissions-free propulsion systems for general use in the area. Through an interactive workshop and driving experiences, media and industry stakeholders were among the first to get an up-close look at the BMW iX5 Hydrogen. "I am thrilled to open the doors to our new facility, which truly reimagines the traditional showroom experience," said Sheikh Mohammed Naghi, Chairman of Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors. Our customers can anticipate a totally different shopping experience from now on, one built around delivering an unforgettable and genuine brand experience. As we continue to work together to provide excellence for our consumers, the opening of this showroom is a significant turning point in our cooperation with the BMW Group. "I would like to congratulate MYNM on opening the first retail store," stated Jean-Philippe Parain, Senior Vice President, Region Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa at BMW Group. The Kingdom's following showroom Our Riyadh-based customers will have access to the infrastructure they need at the new facility for all of their present and future premium driving requirements, enabling a seamless journey based on both physical and digital points of interaction. The Retail. The next idea turns conventional auto showrooms into thoughtfully planned discussion areas that highlight the most cutting-edge BMW Group cars with distinctive lighting and lounge-like seats. Salespeople interact with consumers at the vehicle exhibits as part of a new buying process that ditches traditional sales cubicles in favor of embracing the spirit of exploration and adventure that is at the core of every vehicle. With 18 work bays, including one just for fast-tracked lines, the service center has the capacity to handle up to 60 vehicles each day. Parain continued, "Today also marks a critical milestone in our quest to move towards sustainable mobility in the region. The BMW iX5 Hydrogen pilot fleet makes its Middle Eastern debut today. The pilot fleet will demonstrate the significance of taking hydrogen into account as a substitute for an emissions-free drivetrain through a number of efforts across Middle Eastern markets. Hydrogen will be essential in completing electromobility, as not all markets will be able to fully adopt battery-electric vehicles. This will make the transition to zero-emission mobility easier for these markets. Since hydrogen is one of the best possibilities for storing and moving renewable energy, it is anticipated that it will play a significant role as a fuel in this part of the world and help us reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. iX5 Hydrogen by BMW The 2019 IAA show saw the concept version of the BMW iX5 Hydrogen, which is based on the current BMW X5. The centerpiece of the system, which produces a high continuous output of 170 horsepower, is a very effective next-generation fuel-cell technology. The powertrain transmits a maximum output of 401 horsepower onto the road in conjunction with a highly integrated drive unit employing fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology. Using hydrogen enables quick refueling. Two carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) 700-bar tanks are used to store the hydrogen that the fuel cell needs. Together, they can store about six kilograms of hydrogen, which will give the BMW iX5 Hydrogen a WLTP cycle range of 504 kilometers. The hydrogen tanks can be filled in only three to four minutes, allowing the BMW iX5 Hydrogen to deliver the same legendary driving pleasure over extended distances with only a few quick stops along the way. This demonstrates why it's an advantage to have in places where there won't be enough EV charging stations.

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