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  • Ahmed Saleh

BMW, represented by Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors, excels at National Auto Awards

BMW, officially represented by Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors in Saudi Arabia, achieved significant success at the 11th anniversary of the National Auto Awards held at the Hilton Hotel in Jeddah. The event, arranged by PR Arabia, celebrated BMW's victories in key vehicle categories, highlighting the brand's commitment to luxury, innovation, and superior performance.

Key achievements for BMW at the National Auto Awards include:

1. BMW 7 Series - Luxury Sedan Category: The iconic BMW 7 Series was named the winner in the Luxury Sedan category, solidifying its position as the preferred choice for luxury sedan enthusiasts.

2. BMW XM - Luxury Super SUV Category: The BMW XM emerged victorious in the Luxury Super SUV category, recognizing its exceptional combination of luxury, power, and versatility. The BMW XM is known for its groundbreaking fusion of BMW M high performance and progressive plug-in hybrid technology.

3. BMW iX - Special Award for Best Luxury Vehicle: The innovative BMW iX, an electric all-wheel-drive vehicle, received the Special Award for Best Luxury Vehicle. This accolade was personally chosen by the Award Committee, highlighting the BMW iX's contribution to luxury and innovation.

These victories underscore BMW's strong presence in the luxury automotive market in Saudi Arabia and emphasize the brand's dedication to delivering high-quality, innovative vehicles. The awards celebrate BMW's success in offering a range of vehicles that cater to diverse preferences, from luxury sedans to high-performance SUVs and electric vehicles.

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