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  • Ahmed Saleh

BMW unveils i7 Protection, an all-electric sedan offering enhanced security

BMW has unveiled the incredible all-electric protection sedan, the i7 Protection, which sets new standards for security while offering an unmatched electric mobility experience. The BMW i7 Protection ushers in a new era in the protection vehicle market by effortlessly fusing cutting-edge technology with the legendary BMW driving experience.

The BMW i7 Protection, the first protection car in the world with an all-electric drive system, is a shining example of innovation, providing uncompromising security without giving anything up. The new model, which was carefully created to guarantee people's security in high-risk situations, provides customized protection unlike anything before.

The ground-breaking BMW Protection Core is the brains behind the i7 Protection's security prowess. With additional armor for the underbody and roof, armored glass, and protection-spec doors, this innovative design boasts an incredibly strong, self-supporting protective body structure comprised of hot-formed steel alloys, also known as armor steel. These components work together to provide a comprehensive and impenetrable defense system.

For the creation of the innovative core and integrated features, BMW drew upon its 45 years of protection vehicle experience. By receiving the extraordinary and elite VR9 grade, they ensure that both the gasoline-powered BMW 7 Series Protection and the electric BMW i7 Protection fulfill the highest security criteria. The glass used in the vehicles satisfies the requirements for VPAM 10 classification, which stands for the highest grade for civilian protection vehicles. At the BMW Group Plant Dingolfing in Germany, both vehicles will be painstakingly constructed using a "craft manufacturing" method.

The creative approach of the BMW i7 Protection, where security and sustainability go hand in hand, is what makes it unique. The BMW i7 Protection provides immediate power delivery and great grip thanks to a powertrain that consists of front and rear electric motors that are taken from the brand's most potent all-electric production model. The BMW 7 Series Protection raises it to a new level by smoothly combining security, superb driving dynamics, and great efficiency.

The i7 Protection's zero tailpipe emissions perfectly complement its sustainability-focused approach and demonstrate the BMW Group's commitment to ecologically friendly mobility solutions.

With customer deliveries starting in December 2023, the BMW i7 Protection and BMW 7 Series Protection will make their world premieres at the IAA Mobility 2023 international motor exhibition in Munich.

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