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  • Sheryll Mericido

Board of Grievances Announces Moen Services Platform Milestone

Riyadh, August 23, 2023, In a recent announcement, the electronic services center at the Board of Grievances revealed a staggering milestone for the Moen Services platform. Since its inception, the platform has witnessed an impressive 62,025,970 visits, showcasing its growing popularity among users. This significant achievement highlights the platform's effectiveness in providing electronic services to individuals seeking assistance from the Board of Grievances. Five years ago, a groundbreaking platform was introduced as the pioneer in digitalizing judicial administrative procedures. Its primary objective was to streamline the legal process, ultimately reducing the time, effort, and financial burden associated with litigation for those involved. In a recent statement released by the esteemed Board of Grievances, it was revealed that the Moen Services platform is a comprehensive provider of litigation services across all judicial courts and departments.

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