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  • Steve Halor

Border Guard intercepts 71 kg khat smuggler's attempt; confiscated items handed over to authorities.

Jazan, August 19, 2023, In a recent operation, Border Guard patrols stationed in the Al-Harth governorate of the Jazan Region successfully foiled an audacious attempt to smuggle a significant quantity of khat. A total of 71 kilograms of the illicit substance were intercepted, preventing its illegal distribution and potential harm to society. The Border Guard's vigilant efforts and commitment to maintaining border security have once again proven instrumental in combating the illicit trade in the region. After undergoing the required legal procedures, the authorities have taken possession of the confiscated items.

In a bid to combat the rampant issue of drug smuggling and trafficking, security authorities in the Kingdom are calling upon all citizens and residents to play an active role by promptly reporting any information they may have on these illicit activities. This urgent plea comes as part of a larger effort to enhance the nation's security and protect its population from the detrimental effects of drug-related crimes. By encouraging the public to come forward with valuable tips and insights, authorities hope to create a united front against this pervasive threat and bring those responsible to justice. In the event of an emergency, residents in the cities of Makkah, Riyadh, and the Eastern region are advised to promptly dial 911 for immediate assistance. However, for individuals residing in other regions across the Kingdom, it is recommended to contact emergency services by dialing 999. In addition, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the General Directorate of Narcotics Control for further assistance. The Directorate can be contacted at the helpline number 995 or through email at [email protected]. Rest assured that all reports received will be handled with the highest level of confidentiality.

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