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  • Ahmed Saleh

Border Guards prevent 250 kg Khat smuggling attempt in Jazan Region.

Jazan, July 24, 2023, In a remarkable display of vigilance, the Border Guards' land patrols in the Jazan Region have effectively thwarted a daring smuggling operation. The audacious attempt involved the transportation of a staggering 250 kilograms of Khat, a highly sought-after stimulant. In the wake of the incident, swift action was taken to ensure that all necessary legal procedures were diligently executed. As a result, the confiscated drugs were promptly and responsibly transferred into the custody of the appropriate authorities. In a bid to tackle the growing menace of drug-related activities, security authorities are fervently urging the public to come forward and report any pertinent information pertaining to drug smuggling or illicit sales. Residents in the Makkah, Riyadh, and Eastern regions are urged to contact the emergency line at 911 if they possess any relevant information. In the remaining regions of the Kingdom, residents are advised to dial 999 for emergency assistance. In addition, concerned individuals have the option to contact the General Directorate of Narcotics Control at the hotline number 995, or alternatively, they can send an email to [email protected]. In a noteworthy development, it has been emphasized that the highest level of confidentiality will be accorded to all reports.

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