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  • Ahmed Saleh

Brazilian Roberto Firmino scores hat-trick in Al-Ahli's 3-1 Saudi League win

JEDDAH — In a thrilling display of skill and finesse, Brazilian sensation Roberto Firmino showcased his prowess on the pitch, propelling Al-Ahli to a resounding 3-1 triumph over Al-Hazm in the highly anticipated opening match of the Saudi Professional League on Friday. With an exceptional performance that left spectators in awe, Firmino's hat-trick proved to be the decisive factor in securing victory for his team. In a stunning display of skill and precision, Roberto Firmino, the talented Brazilian forward, wasted no time in making his mark on the pitch for his new club, Al-Ahli. Having recently completed a high-profile transfer from Liverpool, Firmino showcased his immense potential by swiftly propelling his team into the lead. With only six minutes on the clock, he deftly found the back of the net, sending waves of excitement through the stadium. But Firmino wasn't finished there. Just three minutes later, he once again demonstrated his lethal scoring ability, this time from close range, effectively doubling Al-Ahli's advantage. The crowd erupted in jubilation as Firmino's impressive performance left no doubt about his immense value to his new team. In a thrilling match, Vinicio Souza, the talented player from Al-Hazm, displayed his skills on the field. With precision and composure, Souza managed to narrow the gap between the two teams by scoring a goal in the 50th minute. However, the Brazilian player didn't stop there. Demonstrating his prowess, he extended his team's lead even further with another goal from close range in the 72nd minute, leaving Al-Hazm with an insurmountable challenge. In a flurry of high-profile transfers, the Saudi Pro League has secured the services of some notable football stars for the upcoming season. Among the prominent names making their way to the league are Firmino, Riyad Mahrez, and former Chelsea goalkeeper Mendy. These acquisitions have undoubtedly added a significant dose of talent and excitement to the already competitive Saudi Pro League.

In a major development this summer, Al-Ahli, along with three other teams, found themselves under the ownership of the Public Investment Fund. As a result, the club has wasted no time in bolstering their squad, making significant recruitment efforts.

In a thrilling display of talent, several notable players took to the field for their Saudi League debuts with Al-Ahli. Among them were former Roma defender Roger Ibanez, ex-Barcelona midfielder Franck Kessie, and former Newcastle winger Allan Saint-Maximin. These seasoned professionals showcased their skills and added a touch of star power to the team's lineup.

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