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  • Sheryll Mericido

Bulgaria Showcases Technological Prowess at Web Summit 2023 with Over 40 Tech Companies and Startups

Bulgaria takes center stage at the Web Summit 2023 exhibition in Lisbon, with a robust representation of more than 40 technology companies and startups. The country's Innovation Minister, Milena Stoycheva, seized the opportunity to highlight the nation's commitment to fostering innovation, particularly by encouraging women innovators and researchers to unleash their potential across key sectors such as deep technology, biotechnology, healthcare, and the environment.

Minister Stoycheva emphasized the strategic goal of empowering women in these fields, underscoring the significant positive impact it could have on Bulgaria's economic landscape. She asserted that an increase in women's participation in the economy has the potential to elevate the country's GDP by up to 30% within a timeframe of four to five years. This ambitious vision aligns with Bulgaria's broader strategy to harness the untapped potential of its talented women workforce and drive sustainable growth in emerging technological domains. The nation's vibrant presence at the Web Summit serves as a testament to its commitment to innovation and inclusive economic development.

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