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Buraydah Dates Festival sales surge to SAR2.8 billion, despite fluctuating previous years

Buraydah, August 24, 2023, In a remarkable turn of events, the Buraydah Dates Festival witnessed a substantial surge in sales last year, reaching an impressive SAR2.8 billion. This notable increase comes in stark contrast to the fluctuating figures observed in previous years, which oscillated between SAR1.8 billion and SAR2 billion.

According to Festival CEO Dr. Khaled Al-Nuqidan, the increase in date production can be attributed to the substantial number of palm trees cultivated as a result of the concerted efforts of the Principality of the Qassim Region and the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture. These entities have been actively supporting farmers by providing assistance in various forms, including the maintenance and care of palm trees, the development of improved sales strategies, and the implementation of stringent measures to ensure that the dates meet the international quality standards necessary for export.

Qassim, a region known for its agricultural prowess, boasts an impressive number of farms, as revealed by recent statistics released by the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture. With a staggering count of 12,327 farms, this region has firmly established itself as a hub for agricultural activity. These farms collectively nurture and cultivate over 11,200,000 palm trees, a remarkable feat in itself. The fruits of their labor are evident in the annual production of over 320,000 tons of dates, a figure that continues to surge with each passing year. The thriving sales of these dates further underscore the region's prominence in the agricultural landscape.

In a recent statistical report, it was revealed that an impressive 8 million palm trees, accounting for a staggering 75% of the overall palm tree population in the region, are currently yielding dates. In a promising development, it has been projected that a staggering three million fresh palm trees, renowned for their ability to yield top-notch dates, will be planted in the upcoming years.

Qassim Farms Sets Sights on the Coveted Saudi Dates Mark, a Prestigious Trademark Recognized by the National Center for Palms and Dates, Signifying Adherence to Global Market Standards.

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