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Canadian Medical Center News

The Canadian Medical Center has officially announced the decisions made by its Board of Directors through a circular resolution dated 28/01/2024, which include the following key points:

  1. Acceptance of the resignation of Mr. Hasan Joudah from the position of Chief Executive Officer due to personal circumstances. Mr. Joudah will continue to serve as a board member.

  2. Appointment of Mr. Mohammed Yanouri as the new Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately from the date of this resolution.

The Board of Directors expresses gratitude and recognition to Mr. Hasan Joudah for his exceptional efforts and contributions during his tenure as Chief Executive Officer, acknowledging his significant role in advancing the company's business. They extend best wishes to him for continued success.

Additionally, the Board of Directors conveys its best wishes to Mr. Mohammed Yanouri, expressing confidence in his capabilities and success in his new role as Chief Executive Officer.

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