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  • Ahmed Saleh

Chinese cultural delegation explores King Abdulaziz Public Library's diverse programs in Riyadh

Riyadh, February 1, 2024, A delegation representing Chinese culture paid a visit to the King Abdulaziz Public Library (KAPL) in Riyadh, delving into the library's diverse programs, activities, and captivating artistic and cultural exhibitions. The purpose of the visit was to foster cognitive and scientific dialogue between Saudi and Chinese cultures, providing students and scholars with insights into the distinctive features of both ancient and contemporary civilizations.

During the visit, the library took the opportunity to commemorate the Year of the Camel, as declared by the Ministry of Culture for the year 2024. A special luncheon took place in a camp situated outside Riyadh, featuring a range of cultural activities focused on understanding camels, their breeding, and their upbringing in the desert landscapes of the Kingdom and the Arabian Peninsula. Furthermore, the library showcased a collection of publications dedicated to camels.

Recent years have witnessed a noteworthy surge in Saudi-Chinese cultural relations, marked by vibrant cultural exchanges and the hosting of diverse events. The establishment of the KAPL branch at Beijing University has played a pivotal role in this interaction, hosting numerous events shedding light on Saudi and Arabic literature and introducing these cultural facets to China.

As part of its ongoing efforts, the library is actively engaged in translating select examples of Saudi and Arabic literature into Chinese, while reciprocally translating several Chinese literary publications and books into Arabic. This multifaceted exchange contributes to the deepening of cultural understanding and mutual appreciation between the two nations.

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