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Cityscape Global event in Riyadh, September 10-13, 2023, explores "The Future of Living" at Riyadh E

Riyadh, August 15, 2023, The highly anticipated Cityscape Global event is set to commence in Riyadh from 10 to 13 September 2023. This remarkable gathering, supported by the esteemed Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, and skillfully organised by Tahaluf, promises to explore the captivating theme of "The Future of Living." In a highly anticipated event, the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Centre in Malham, Riyadh, is set to host an extraordinary exhibition that promises to unite a diverse range of individuals and industry professionals. This groundbreaking gathering will bring together homebuyers, property experts, designers, and both local and international real estate developers. With its strategic location and impressive lineup of participants, this exhibition is poised to be a remarkable platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and exploring the latest trends in the dynamic world of real estate.

With registrations already pouring in from visitors hailing from a staggering 170 countries, the highly anticipated exhibition is set to welcome a multitude of buyers and esteemed real estate professionals. Notably, a whopping 2,000 investors are slated to grace the event, eagerly seeking out opportunities amidst the impressive lineup of over 350 exhibitors. Adding to the allure, more than 250 distinguished local and international speakers are poised to take the stage, imparting their invaluable insights and expertise across a myriad of thought-provoking conferences. As if that weren't enough, attendees can look forward to a staggering 250 hours of engaging sessions, ensuring a wealth of knowledge and inspiration at every turn.

Cityscape Global is set to be a grand event that will bring together a multitude of high-profile and giga projects from across the Kingdom. This gathering aims to provide a platform for showcasing promising investment opportunities and shining a spotlight on advanced residential and commercial properties and communities. Among the notable projects that will be featured at Cityscape Global are Kuzam, Al Fursan, and Sadayem Suburbs by the esteemed National Housing Company. Additionally, other prominent projects such as NEOM, Roshn, Jeddah Central Development Company, AlUla, Masar Destination, Retal, King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), King Salman Park Foundation, Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City, Diriyah Gate Authority, Red Sea Global, Saudi Downtown Company, as well as various local and international projects spanning 24 countries, will also be showcased. The event will be graced by the presence of key partners, including the Real Estate General Authority, who will serve as a regulation partner, the Ministry of Investment, who will act as an investment partner, and the Tourism Development Fund, who will play a strategic role. Additionally, BIM Ventures will serve as the PropTech zone partner, further enhancing the technological aspect of the event. Cityscape Global promises to be an exciting and informative gathering that will undoubtedly attract the attention of investors and industry professionals alike.

In a statement, Majid Al-Hogail, the Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, emphasised the significance of the upcoming event, Cityscape Global in Riyadh. As the largest real estate exhibition globally, it will serve as a platform for showcasing major projects aligned with Vision 2030. With participation from esteemed projects representing various sectors, this event aims to highlight the immense value it holds. Al-Hogail extended a warm invitation to investors, developers, and enthusiasts, urging them to attend and be a part of this grand occasion.

Cityscape Global 2023: The Epicentre of Real Estate Transformation and Quality of Life Enhancement Prepare to be immersed in the unparalleled realm of real estate transformation and the enhancement of quality of life at Cityscape Global 2023. This highly anticipated event serves as the ultimate stage where individuals can not only witness but also actively influence the evolution and development of the real estate industry. With its grandeur and significance, Cityscape Global 2023 promises to be an extraordinary platform that will shape the future of urban landscapes and redefine the way we live. Attendees of the upcoming September exhibition are in for a remarkable treat, as they will be granted an exclusive glimpse into our future world. This unparalleled opportunity will be made possible through a series of enlightening conferences that will be held throughout the duration of the exhibition. Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to participate in a series of complimentary seminars, covering a wide range of topics. These include the NEOM Future of Living Summit, the Real Estate Institutional Investor Forum, the Property Portfolio Forum, the PropTech stage, and the Design and Architecture area. In addition to the Cityscape Innovation Challenge, where start-ups have the opportunity to present their groundbreaking ideas for a more innovative future, there will also be the Cityscape Global ROSHN Hackathon, organised by BIM Ventures.

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