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Coliseum - Global Sports Venue Alliance Middle East.

Michael Rennschmied established the Coliseum in 2010. Initially formed in the Middle East as a quarterly publication, the format swiftly shifted to that of a conference. Coliseum Summits became global only four years later, first in the United States and Europe, then in China and Latin America.

As of the year 2019, the Coliseum has evolved into a membership-based organization known as the Coliseum-Global Sports Venue Alliance. While stadiums and arenas are the primary focus, the alliance also brings together experts from around the world who are committed to developing the best community of sports and entertainment venue executives and professionals in the world, ultimately leading to more profitable venues.

The Coliseum acts as a conduit for communication between arenas, stadiums, teams, leagues, and experts, allowing them to network and share knowledge. The digital Coliseum 24/365 The Coliseum Business Center is a wealth of information for those working in the global arena and stadium markets. Users love the 'Get in Touch service because it facilitates communication with a wide variety of arenas and stadiums all around the world.

Coliseum grew to over 200 members in its first year, allowing it to provide 61,000 industry contacts worldwide. Find out more at

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