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Collective Retreats Partners with NEOM to Open Sustainable Retreat in Trojena

DENVER, COLORADO - Northwestern Saudi Arabia's Trojena is a location of snow-capped mountains, and Collective Retreats, a pioneer in outdoor experiential hospitality, has announced a partnership with NEOM to open a next-generation, ultra-sustainable retreat there. Collective Trojena, set to debut in early 2026, is poised to revolutionize the outdoor hospitality landscape by providing guests with unparalleled opportunities to uncover and immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring natural wonders of the region. Situated just 50 kilometers from the Gulf of Aqaba, this extraordinary destination promises to redefine the concept of a remarkable and unforgettable vacation experience.

The upcoming retreat is set to impress with its array of offerings. With around 60 open-air guest rooms and unique meeting spaces, it promises to provide a one-of-a-kind experience. The retreat will also boast stunning water features, inviting communal campfires, and unforgettable culinary adventures. All of these elements come together to capture the adventurous essence that defines the Collective Retreats brand. Moreover, the retreat seamlessly blends the beauty of the natural surroundings with carefully crafted landscapes, resulting in a truly remarkable setting. Collective Trojena, the upcoming development, is set to provide an extensive range of year-round outdoor activities, elevating it to a world-class destination. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage in thrilling pursuits such as skiing, snowboarding, high-altitude training, paragliding, mountain biking, hiking, and water sports. Additionally, the development aims to foster a vibrant cultural atmosphere by offering diverse programming centered around film, art, music, and food.

Collective Retreats was established with a resolute objective: to revolutionize the realm of travel. In a statement, Peter Mack, the CEO and founder of Collective Retreats, expressed a desire to ignite a sense of renewed curiosity among travelers. He emphasized the importance of fostering a greater appreciation for the conservation of the remarkable natural beauty that envelops us all. Trojena, a remarkable setting, offers an unparalleled backdrop to accomplish this mission in ways that were previously unimaginable. With a dedication to showcasing the awe-inspiring mountain landscape to a worldwide audience, our mission extends beyond mere observation. We firmly believe in the importance of sustainable luxury travel, emphasizing the need to protect the environment while still providing unparalleled guest experiences.

NEOM's Trojena: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Development In the heart of NEOM, a groundbreaking development is underway that promises to revolutionize sustainability practices. Trojena, a mountain destination, is spearheading efforts to harness renewable energy sources, namely solar and wind power. Simultaneously, Trojena is making significant strides in water desalination and brine processing technologies, aiming to achieve a remarkable zero waste residual. This ambitious project is set to redefine the future of sustainable living.

Philip Gullett, the Executive Director and Region Head at Trojena, expressed his admiration for Collective Retreats' forward-thinking approach and unwavering dedication to sustainability. Gullett deemed the renowned hospitality company the perfect collaborator for the Trojena NEOM project. Collective Retreats has been chosen as the exceptional caretakers of the upcoming outdoor retreat in Trojena, promising to align seamlessly with the environmental and sustainability values that lie at the heart of the NEOM project.

In a significant development, a prominent brand has entered into a partnership with NEOM's Hotel Development division. This collaboration is the latest in a series of agreements, highlighting the division's crucial role in constructing a forward-thinking hospitality ecosystem in the region.

Collective Retreats, renowned for its ability to forge unique connections between guests and awe-inspiring natural landscapes, has solidified its reputation as a trailblazer in the industry. By steadfastly upholding its fundamental principles of conservation and sustainability, the company has set itself apart from its competitors, offering an unparalleled experience to its discerning clientele. In an exciting development, Chris Newman, the Executive Director of Hotel Development at NEOM, expressed his enthusiasm for the selection of Trojena as a partner. NEOM, known for its stunning landscapes, is eager to collaborate with a like-minded entity that shares their vision of promoting a new era in the travel industry. This era is defined by travelers immersing themselves in nature and embracing sustainable living.

In an exciting development, the renowned brand has revealed that Collective Trojena is just one of the many upcoming projects set to be unveiled in 2023.

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