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  • Ahmed Saleh

Conference promotes Muslim unity, consolidates voices, and fosters solidarity.

Makkah, August 14, 2023, The "Communication with the Departments of Religious Affairs, Ifta, and Sheikhdoms in the World" Conference was emphasized by

the President of the Directorate of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkiye, for its crucial role in promoting Muslim unity, consolidating their voices, and fostering solidarity among them. This occurred as a result of his involvement in the conference that took place in Makkah, which began yesterday with representatives from 85 countries worldwide. Sheikh Ali asserts that Islam, as a religion promoting peace and security, requires the unification of all Muslims to safeguard and enhance this unity, safeguard it, and cooperate in establishing a stable and secure Islamic global community. The speaker emphasized that the attainment of guidance and happiness is accomplished by following the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. These teachings advocate for tolerance, compassion, and justice towards all individuals. Furthermore, Sheikh Ali conveyed his remorse regarding the occurrences that have resulted in the destabilization of certain Islamic nations and their exposure to violent conflicts. These unfortunate events have transpired as a consequence of straying away from the authentic teachings of the Quran, Sunnah, and the Islamic literature passed down by their pious predecessors. The teachings emphasize the importance of moderation, tolerance, and the promotion of values such as justice, equality, and harmonious coexistence, as stated by the speaker. The user expressed appreciation for the Kingdom's significant contribution and outstanding endeavors in advancing global security and peace. They also thanked the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call, and Guidance, as well as all the organizers and participants of the conference.

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