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  • Ahmed Saleh

Conference sidelines: Security, global issues discussed by key figures, including Saudi Ambassador

Munich, February 16, 2024, The discussions, held on the sidelines of the conference, delved into pertinent issues encompassing the security landscape, noteworthy developments in the international arena, and the collective efforts being exerted to address these challenges.

The meeting saw the presence of key figures, including Saudi Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Prince Abdullah bin Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Assistant Director General of the Minister's Office, Walid Al-Ismail, and Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed Al-Yahya. The gathering reflects the significance placed on fostering diplomatic relations and engaging in substantive conversations regarding global security concerns.

As the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs and the NATO Secretary General convened, the exchange of insights and perspectives aimed to deepen understanding and collaboration on matters of mutual interest. The presence of diplomatic representatives and advisors underscored the commitment of both parties to maintaining an open dialogue on the dynamic geopolitical landscape.

This meeting further underscores Saudi Arabia's active engagement on the international stage and its commitment to contributing to global efforts to address security challenges. The discussions held at the Munich Security Conference 2024 serve as a testament to the Kingdom's dedication to diplomatic dialogue and cooperation in navigating complex issues affecting the international community.

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