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  • Ahmed Saleh

Crown Prince Camel Festival Brings Together 12 Countries from 4 Continents

Riyadh, Aug 3, 2023, The Crown Prince Camel Festival, since its inception in 2018, has attracted participants from twelve countries spanning across four continents. This remarkable gathering has solidified its position as the most esteemed and opulent event of its kind on a global scale. The highly anticipated Crown Prince Camel Festival kicked off on Tuesday at the iconic Taif Camel Field, marking the beginning of its fifth edition. This grand event, which showcases the magnificence of camels, will captivate enthusiasts and spectators alike until the 7th of September. In a remarkable display of grandeur and endurance, the annual camel race has witnessed an astonishing surge in participation, with the number of camels surpassing an impressive 60,000 across all five editions. In a display of regional unity and cultural celebration, teams hailing from various nations in Asia have gathered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for this year's highly anticipated festival. Alongside the host country, the participating teams from Oman, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, and Kuwait have come together to showcase their rich heritage and traditions. In a display of continental representation, Sudan and Egypt proudly stand as African delegates, while France and Switzerland assert their presence on behalf of Europe. The United States of America is a prominent nation that serves as a representative of North America. The inception of the Camel Racing World Federation (CRWF) was ignited by the festival, propelling it from a local event to an international phenomenon. The Kingdom has been selected as the frontrunner for this ambitious undertaking, owing to its steadfast commitment to the sport and its global federations. Camel racing has undeniably secured its position among the esteemed ranks of global and Olympic sports.

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