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Cruise Saudi partners with tech and innovation industry leaders

Jeddah, August 24, 2023, In an exciting development, Cruise Saudi, a company fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), has joined forces with esteemed leaders in the tech and innovation sectors to bring forth a remarkable addition to the cruise industry: AROYA Cruises. The latest collaborator to be unveiled is none other than Columbia Blue, a prominent leisure services platform. Under its operational brands, Columbia Cruise Services will handle the technical operations, while Columbia Signature will oversee the provision of top-notch hospitality services. This partnership marks another significant stride in the creation of Cruise Saudi's premium cruise line.

In an exciting development, AROYA Cruises has officially selected Columbia Blue as their esteemed ship manager. A company that focuses on the comprehensive management of cruise and expedition passenger vessels has established itself as a leading provider of services to globally recognized brands. In a recent development, AROYA Cruises announced that they have appointed Columbia Blue to take charge of their hotel management operations. This includes crucial aspects such as housekeeping, guest relations, food and beverage, crew management, and deck and engine management.

In a recent statement, Lars Clasen, the CEO of Cruise Saudi, expressed his admiration for the ship management industry leader, Columbia Blue. Clasen emphasized the importance of collaborating with such an instrumental organization, highlighting the significant role it plays in the operations of AROYA Cruises. The establishment of this strategic partnership holds immense significance in guaranteeing an unparalleled experience for passengers aboard AROYA Cruises.

In a recent statement, Norman Schmiedl, the CEO of Columbia Blue, expressed his utmost pride in the company's collaboration with AROYA Cruises. He emphasized their commitment to providing an authentically Arabian experience to the esteemed guests of AROYA Cruises. AROYA Cruises is set to benefit from the extensive expertise and knowledge amassed over four decades in the realm of cruise ship management. With a steadfast commitment to safety, efficiency, and sustainability, the company is poised to deliver exceptional standards to its valued clientele.

In a groundbreaking announcement made in June 2023, AROYA Cruises emerged as the prestigious cruise line owned by Cruise Saudi. AROYA Cruises, a new venture catering to the needs of Saudi nationals, expatriates, and regional guests, is set to offer a unique experience tailored exclusively to the interests of the Arabian market.

In a significant move towards achieving Cruise Saudi's ambitious targets, the establishment of AROYA Cruises has emerged as a key player. This development aligns perfectly with Cruise Saudi's overarching objectives of generating a staggering 50,000 employment opportunities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, it aims to attract a remarkable 1.3 million cruise passengers each year by the year 2035.

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