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  • Ahmed Saleh

CST, ITU partner for Saudi Arabia's Advanced Digital Regulatory Program

Riyadh, Dec 15, 2023, The Digital Regulatory Academy (DRA) of the Communications, Space, and Technology Commission (CST) recently organized the "Advanced Digital Regulatory Program" in partnership with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). This initiative saw active participation from more than 50 specialists, including members of the National Regulatory Committee and telecommunication service providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The primary goal of the program is to foster the development of national talent, draw insights from global best practices, and optimize the efficiency of the regulatory landscape within the Kingdom.

Comprising a comprehensive training curriculum, the program delved into essential aspects such as collaborative regulatory governance, data protection and privacy in the digital sphere, strategic practices in digital regulation, and regulatory considerations for emerging technologies.

By bringing together experts from various backgrounds, the initiative sought to equip participants with a holistic understanding of contemporary regulatory challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

This program is a testament to the DRA's commitment to collaboration with leading international organizations. By leveraging these partnerships, the DRA aims to fulfill its strategic objectives within the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. Moreover, the initiative aligns with Saudi Arabia's broader vision for digital transformation, emphasizing the importance of staying abreast of global advancements and fostering a regulatory environment conducive to innovation.

Through initiatives like the "Advanced Digital Regulatory Program," the DRA aims to contribute to the continuous development of skilled professionals, enhance regulatory frameworks, and accelerate the Kingdom's journey towards a digitally empowered future. This collaborative approach, involving key stakeholders and international expertise, is pivotal for ensuring that Saudi Arabia remains at the forefront of the global digital landscape.

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