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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ministry of Culture inaugurates BIENALSUR 2023 in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires, July 30, 2023, The esteemed Ministry of Culture has fervently engaged in the grand inauguration of the "BIENALSUR 2023", the esteemed International Biennial of Contemporary Art of the South, held at the esteemed National Museum of Decorative Arts in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The gathering was convened under the profound motif of "Strangers in the Palace." In attendance were esteemed individuals such as the Cultural Affairs Officer at the Kingdom's Embassy to Argentina, the honorable Khaled bin Ibrahim Al-Laheeb, alongside the distinguished general director of the BIENALSUR exhibition, Aníbal Jozami. A delegation from the Ministry of Culture graced the occasion, alongside a multitude of Saudi and international artists who showcased their magnificent artworks. In the commencement, the Artistic Director of BIENALSUR, Diana Wechsler, conveyed deep respect for the Kingdom's trailblazing position as the foremost Middle Eastern nation to partake in the esteemed BIENALSUR network. She stressed the importance of joining forces with Saudi artists, as it presented a remarkable chance to delve into the realms of diversity, cultural pluralism, and the exchange of humanity. Wechsler expounded upon the essence of the chosen theme, "Strangers in the Palace," which illuminates the juxtaposition betwixt the contemporary essence of the artworks proffered by the artists and the conventional milieu of the esteemed host venue, the National Museum of Decorative Arts. Residing within the sacred walls of a majestic palace adorned with timeless treasures and masterpieces, this esteemed institution embodies the weight of its historical import. The theme, my dear friend, encapsulates the profound notion of "alienation" that Saudi artists, who have ventured from distant lands to present their masterpieces in Argentina, encounter. In doing so, they cultivate a fertile ground for the intermingling of cultures and the nurturing of the human spirit, all through the magnificent medium of art. The BIENALSUR 2023, initiated on the sacred day of Friday, July 28, magnificently presents the artistic expressions of more than 400 creators hailing from 27 diverse nationalities, among them, ten gifted artists from the noble land of Saudi Arabia. During the course of the exhibition, Saudi Arabia shall indeed function as one of the esteemed international stations for BIENALSUR, commencing in the month of July and culminating in the month of December in the year 2023. This profound occasion stretches across 170 locations throughout 70 cities, embracing 27 nations and showcasing the involvement of 400 esteemed artists. This here signifies the Ministry of Culture's third occasion of graciously hosting the esteemed BIENALSUR exhibition. The Kingdom, with great distinction, was bestowed the privilege of being the pioneering Middle Eastern nation to gracefully embrace the occasion in 2019, within the esteemed confines of the National Museum of Saudi Arabia and the illustrious Jax neighborhood in Riyadh. The second occurrence transpired in the year 2021, within the sacred walls of Khuzam Palace in the illustrious city of Jeddah. It was there that the creative prowess of five esteemed Saudi artists was showcased, leaving an indelible mark upon the artistic landscape. The Ministry's decision to host this exhibition arises from its unwavering commitment to offering exceptional creative platforms for art enthusiasts in the Kingdom. Its purpose is to cultivate dialogue among Saudi creators and artists across the globe, all the while bolstering their opportunities to engage with significant international platforms. Moreover, this noble undertaking is in accordance with the visionary aspirations of Saudi Vision 2030, which seeks to advance the noble cause of global cultural interchange.

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