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  • Ahmed Saleh

Dadan Unveiling Antiquities in AlUla's Ancient Capital

The city of Dadan, a significant discovery in AlUla, stands as a testament to its rich history as the capital of the Dadan Kingdom during the late 9th and early 8th centuries BC. The Dadan Visitor Center introduces an engaging workshop for all ages, designed to provide insights into scientific methods used in excavating, transporting, and preserving antiquities. Participants, guided by expert specialists, don protective clothing and document their discoveries, using excavation tools and handling artifacts akin to those unearthed previously. This interactive experience aims to emphasize the value of these antiquities and educate on proper excavation methods, showcasing the efforts of scientists and specialists in the field. The Royal Commission for AlUla, in collaboration with various authorities, continues its dedicated efforts to explore and reveal more hidden treasures and antiquities in the region.

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