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Danah Ibrahim won a gold medal at International Invention Show "WorldInvent Singapore"

Danah Ibrahim, a student hailing from the esteemed Technical College for Girls in Buraidah, has achieved a remarkable feat by clinching a gold medal at the prestigious International Invention Show "WorldInvent Singapore". The event, which took place from September 4–6, showcased groundbreaking innovations from around the globe. Danah's exceptional project, titled "Magic Move," garnered widespread acclaim and secured her a well-deserved place atop the winners' podium. It is worth noting that the Technical College for Girls is one of the esteemed training facilities under the purview of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC).

In a groundbreaking initiative, a project has been developed to assist children with autism in enhancing their communication skills through the utilization of cutting-edge tools. In a groundbreaking development, children now have the ability to create ethereal artwork using a remarkable tool that effortlessly translates their drawings onto a screen. This innovative technology not only empowers children to express their emotions and ideas with unparalleled freedom but also enables healthcare professionals to effectively evaluate their advancement. TVTC's achievement is a testament to their unwavering commitment to bolster innovation, provide a nurturing environment for Saudi innovators, and cultivate intelligent solutions.

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