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  • Ahmed Saleh

Train derailment in southern Pakistan causes 30 deaths, 60 injuries.

Multan, Pakistan, August 06, 2023, Hey, I just heard some news about a train derailment in southern Pakistan. Unfortunately, the death toll has now reached 30, and there are around 60 people injured. Rescue operations are currently underway to help those affected. Hey, did you hear about the train accident near Nawabshah in Pakistan? According to AP, around ten cars of a train heading to Rawalpindi got derailed. It's pretty serious because some of the cars even overturned, trapping a lot of passengers. A senior railway officer named Mahmoodur Rehman Lakho shared this information. A senior police officer named Abid Baloch, who was actually at the scene of the accident, mentioned that they have recovered around 30 bodies up until now. Unfortunately, over 60 people were injured, and some of them are in critical condition. He also mentioned that the number of deaths could increase as the rescue operations go on. Baloch mentioned that there were women and children among the people who sadly lost their lives or got injured.

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