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  • Ahmed Saleh

Deputy Governor of Makkah Region Chairs Meeting of Central Hajj Committee

Jeddah, May 12, 2024, Deputy Governor of Makkah Region and Chairman of the Central Hajj Committee, Prince Saud bin Mishaal bin Abdulaziz, chaired a meeting of the Central Hajj Committee in Jeddah. The meeting focused on the progress of projects aimed at serving the pilgrims during the upcoming Hajj season.

 The discussions included reviewing the plans of various authorities responsible for providing services, starting from the reception of pilgrims and their accommodation in Makkah, to their performance of Hajj rituals.

 Additionally, the meeting assessed the readiness of all courtyards and facilities of the Grand Mosque, as well as transport stations. It also discussed the preparedness level of facilities in the holy sites to ensure the pilgrims can perform their rituals easily and tranquilly.

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