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  • Ahmed Saleh

Deputy Minister stresses sustainable mineral supply chain at Future Minerals Forum

Riyadh, January 12, 2024, In a session titled "A Comprehensive Multi-Stakeholder Approach: Accelerating the Supply of Minerals in a Responsible Manner," during the second day of the Future Minerals Forum, Eng. Khalil bin Ibrahim bin Salamah, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources for Industrial Affairs underscored the significance of establishing a sustainable supply chain for minerals to contribute to the global value derived from mineral extraction.

Bin Salamah emphasized the necessity for fair investment at all stages of the supply chain, aiming to ensure equitable participation and stability in the medium and long term. This becomes especially crucial in regions endowed with significant mineral resources that play a vital role in meeting global demands.

Highlighting the Kingdom's strategic position globally, Bin Salamah identified it as the ideal location to build a sustainable global supply chain for minerals. The central location, spanning major mining economies, coupled with interconnected ports in both the east and west, provides unparalleled flexibility and resilience against unforeseen interferences.

Expanding on the components of the mineral supply chain, Bin Salamah outlined its inclusivity, encompassing mines, metal producers, users, and medium-sized companies acting as connecting links. He stressed the human aspect within this chain, particularly in primary mine operations. The development of human resources is deemed crucial for sustainability and flexibility in the supply chain.

In addressing the energy aspect of mineral extraction, Bin Salamah noted that the process is intricately tied to the availability of energy sources in all forms. Emphasizing the commitment to environmentally friendly and clean energy sources, he highlighted the importance of aligning mineral extraction processes with sustainable and clean energy practices. This holistic approach underscores the Kingdom's commitment to responsible and environmentally conscious mineral resource management.

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