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  • Ahmed Saleh

DGDA announces 'Traditional Architecture Gathering' at At-Turaif, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Diriyah, October 10, 2023, Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) has unveiled the inaugural edition of the 'Traditional Architecture Gathering,' set against the stunning backdrop of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, At-Turaif, in Diriyah, known as The City of Earth. This significant event is scheduled to take place from October 24th to 30th, with the central theme being 'Traditional Najdi Architecture.'

The 'Traditional Architecture Gathering' assembles a distinguished array of scholars, expert designers, engineers, architects, and specialists in ancient architectural styles. Anticipated to draw a diverse audience from both the Kingdom and around the world, the event promises to be a captivating exploration of traditional architectural wonders.

Registration to attend this remarkable event is now open, commencing from October 10, 2023, accessible through the DGDA's official website at this link: This public invitation extends a unique opportunity for individuals from various backgrounds to partake in the Traditional Architectural Gathering, a platform that promises to unveil the enchantment of traditional architecture.

The 'Traditional Architecture Gathering' is set to be a week-long immersion into the world of traditional Najdi architecture. It will spotlight the intricate beauty of Najdi architecture and the captivating design of the historic At-Turaif district. Attendees will have the privilege of exploring various sites within At-Turaif, offering them a firsthand experience of the architectural marvels of this ancient city while deepening their understanding of the traditional and Najdi architecture in the region.

Moreover, the event will host a series of sessions and workshops dedicated to traditional and Najdi architecture, providing attendees with invaluable insights and the opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise in this field. Additionally, the gathering will feature a remarkable display of precious documents and books shedding light on Najdi architecture, history, society, and culture. This collection will afford attendees a unique chance to delve into the rich heritage of Najdi architectural traditions.

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