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  • Ahmed Saleh

Digital Cooperation Organization Secretary-General Meets US Ambassador to Foster Innovation and Economic Growth

Riyadh, December 27, 2023, In a significant diplomatic engagement, Deemah AlYahya, the Secretary-General of the Digital Cooperation Organization, welcomed Michael Ratney, the Ambassador of the United States of America to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at the organization's headquarters in Riyadh.

The meeting, held today, focused on exploring collaborative measures to boost innovation and fuel the expansion of the digital economy. Both leaders exchanged ideas and perspectives on strategies that can contribute to a more prosperous future for all involved stakeholders.

As the Digital Cooperation Organization continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the digital landscape and fostering international cooperation in the realm of technology, the discussions aimed to identify areas of synergy between the organization and the United States. The emphasis was on finding innovative solutions that can stimulate economic growth, drive technological advancements, and create opportunities for mutual benefit.

The meeting between Secretary-General Deemah AlYahya and Ambassador Michael Ratney underscores the importance of international partnerships in navigating the complex and dynamic digital landscape. By fostering collaboration, the Digital Cooperation Organization and the United States aim to leverage their respective strengths to address global challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the digital era.

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