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  • Sheryll Mericido

Diriyah and Partanna collaborate on $63.2 billion carbon-negative building materials project

Diriyah, August 29, 2023, The Diriyah firm and Partanna, a firm that develops climate technologies, have formed a cooperation. In accordance with a collaboration agreement recently signed in Riyadh, both parties are actively investigating the utilization of Partanna's carbon-negative building materials throughout the $63.2 billion Diriyah project. Partanna, the first carbon-negative concrete in the world, was developed by three-time LA Lakers champion Rick Fox and award-winning architect Sam Marshall. This concrete naturally removes carbon during production. Partanna wants to help the Diriyah Company realize its goal of making Diriyah a global leader in sustainability through this partnership. Three centuries ago, the Middle East's cultural and commercial hub was Diriyah. It served as the initial residence of House Al Saud and the birthplace of the First Saudi State. The project, which covers 14 square kilometers, aspires to make Diriyah a major international tourism destination. By 2030, it's expected to draw more than 27 million tourists a year thanks to a strong commitment to sustainability. Partanna's cutting-edge building supplies will aid in the realization of this ambition. The company intends to build factories in Saudi Arabia to support the Diriyah project and other initiatives. Utilizing the power of chemistry, the company's unique concrete formula, which is manufactured from recycled materials, catches carbon dioxide and permanently mineralizes it within the substance. By transforming waste brine produced by desalination facilities into a carbon dioxide-absorbing, non-toxic, useful material that nourishes marine life, this method offers the potential to mitigate the environmental impact of desalination. Currently, desalination facilities provide 70% of Saudi Arabia's drinking water. Partanna's technique has the potential to significantly reduce the quantity of brine that enters the ocean and waterways, boost freshwater support, and remove millions of units of CO2 every day if it were to be widely deployed. The collaboration agreement creates a framework for Partanna to provide Diriyah Company with carbon-removal concrete goods and materials inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Additionally, it prepares the ground for discussions about the financial parameters of Diriyah Company's acquisition of Partanna's cutting-edge concrete products. Furthermore, Diriyah will concentrate on obtaining the majority of its construction supplies from within the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, a strategy plan intended to lessen the nation's reliance on oil, diversify its economy, and expand public service sectors, includes Diriyah as one of its major projects. This partnership with Partanna illustrates the company's dedication to innovation and sustainable development in the construction sector. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has granted Platinum Level LEED for Cities Certification to the first phase of Diriyah's masterplan. For the first time ever, a project in the Middle East has gained LEED accreditation. The highest level of LEED accreditation, platinum, recognizes Diriyah's dedication to a smarter, more resilient, sustainable, and inclusive future. With sustainability at the core of our goal, we are thrilled to sign this collaboration agreement with Partanna, said Jerry Inzerillo, Group CEO of Diriyah Company. Through this relationship, Diriyah's company is able to show its dedication to best practices on all fronts and mark a significant development for sustainable growth. Above all, collaborating with Partanna will further Diriyah Company's goal of making Diriyah, The City of Earth, a global leader in sustainability. Speaking about the disclosure, Rick Fox, a co-founder of Partanna, declared: "This alliance ushers in a new era in sustainable building. Our carbon-negative binder technology, which is an economical and environmentally friendly substitute for cement, has the potential to profoundly revolutionize the way the world constructs. Since founding our company at COP27, we have worked to expand by collaborating with organizations that are dedicated to taking more concrete steps to tackle climate change. We are thrilled to have found a partner in Diriyah who combines vision and decisive action, since the world needs solutions like ours. The Kingdom's ambition to improve its communities and bring about long-lasting transformation is unmatched in scope. We are reinventing urban development and unlocking extraordinary economic and environmental value by transforming places like Diriyah into potent climate change catalysts. We are demonstrating here how development and pollution may be separated. Our journey has only just begun, and the entire world is watching.

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