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Discover NEOM KSA Tour Enters Eastern Province, Marking Milestone

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The highly anticipated Discover NEOM KSA tour has made its way to the Eastern Province today, marking a significant milestone in its journey after a successful opening in Jeddah. In a grand display of ambition and innovation, NEOM's top management is embarking on a nationwide tour, with the region serving as the second stop. This tour aims to bring together influential entrepreneurs, esteemed business leaders, and savvy investors, all in an effort to unveil the latest advancements in NEOM's projects. The primary objective is to emphasize the vast investment opportunities that NEOM presents, both presently and in the years to come.

NEOM, the ambitious mega-city project, is actively pursuing robust partnerships with key stakeholders in the Eastern Province. This strategic move is driven by the region's immense economic significance, promising investment potential, and unparalleled allure as a tourist destination. Moreover, the Eastern Province holds a pivotal role as a major industrial, manufacturing, and logistics hub. The region not only plays a crucial role in the global oil and petrochemical industries but also serves as a magnet for major business ventures. Its seaports and strategic location have become catalysts for growth across various key sectors in the Kingdom. During the visit, NEOM CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr expressed that since its announcement, NEOM has successfully enticed prominent companies from across the globe to invest in its diverse sectors, including energy, water, tourism, manufacturing, sports, and media. These companies have eagerly participated in the construction and development of NEOM's infrastructure. In a groundbreaking development, NEOM, the ambitious urban development project, is set to offer a plethora of investment opportunities. With the horizon brimming with potential, local investors and national companies are being extended a warm invitation to partake in this monumental endeavor. NEOM, poised to become the largest and most audacious urban development project in the world, is opening its doors to those seeking to contribute to its growth and success.

During our recent engagements with local companies and investors, we have been actively presenting NEOM's vision and strategic objectives. In an ambitious endeavor, a groundbreaking model is being crafted to revolutionize livability and bolster economic growth, aligning with the visionary Saudi Vision 2030. This transformative approach aims to redefine sustainability while nurturing vital economic sectors and highlighting the remarkable strides being made in the burgeoning city of NEOM.

NEOM Deputy CEO Rayan Fayez expressed great satisfaction with the recent tour in Jeddah, highlighting its resounding success and the remarkable level of engagement it generated. The meetings held during the tour attracted a multitude of entrepreneurs, investors, and high-ranking executives from prominent national companies. These individuals had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the diverse investment prospects offered by NEOM. NEOM, the ambitious project, has expressed its dedication to fostering partnerships with domestic enterprises and encouraging local investments. This commitment aims to construct a remarkable global endeavor that will not only stimulate economic growth in various sectors of the Kingdom but also enhance the overall quality of life and provide exceptional livability for its residents.

The highly anticipated Discover NEOM KSA tour is nearing its conclusion in the bustling city of Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom. This extraordinary tour has been meticulously designed with a singular purpose in mind: to shed light on the remarkable strides made by NEOM and its pivotal role in the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030. NEOM, the ambitious project, is set to revolutionize human progress by drawing in the most brilliant minds from Saudi Arabia and beyond. Its primary objective is to serve as a robust economic powerhouse, bolstering the Kingdom's non-oil GDP and generating numerous employment prospects. Not only that, NEOM strives to provide an unparalleled quality of life by incorporating top-notch sustainability measures and preserving precious natural resources.

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