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  • Ahmed Saleh

Diverse Muslims gather at Prophet's Mosque for Ramadan Iftar

Madinah, March 13, 2024, During the sacred period of Ramadan, throngs of fasting Muslims hailing from diverse nationalities and backgrounds convene at the Prophet's Mosque and its expansive outdoor spaces for the communal Iftar ritual preceding the Maghrib call to prayer. This deeply spiritual occasion fosters a sense of solidarity and devotion among believers.

In a recent depiction captured by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the northern and western courtyards of the Prophet's Mosque were depicted teeming with tens of thousands of fasting individuals partaking in the communal Iftar gatherings.

It is anticipated that over 8.5 million Iftar meals will be disbursed to fasting individuals at designated locations within the Prophet's Mosque throughout the sacred month of Ramadan. Additionally, more than 45 million people stand to benefit from the Zamzam water distribution services, including the provision of 2.5 million bottles of Zamzam water as part of the ongoing Zamzam water project within the Two Holy Mosques.

Moreover, a daily distribution of 18,000 Zamzam water containers will be facilitated within the segregated sections for men and women during Ramadan, while 1,205 water taps will be made available in the outdoor courtyards to accommodate the spiritual needs of worshippers.

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