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  • Sheryll Mericido

Dr. Al Rabeeah Joins Global Food Security Summit, Urges Action Against Hunger and Malnutrition

Advisor at the Royal Court and Supervisor General of KSrelief, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Rabeeah, actively participated in the Global Food Security Summit held in London. Alongside UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs David Cameron, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, and various ministers, UN leaders, and stakeholders, Dr. Al Rabeeah addressed the urgent need to eradicate hunger and eliminate malnutrition.

During a working session titled "Toward the eradication of hunger and the elimination of malnutrition," Dr. Al Rabeeah stressed the ongoing challenges and expressed skepticism about achieving sustainable development goals by 2030. He highlighted the plight of over 52 million children suffering from child wasting and emphasized the devastating impact of current crises, such as the one unfolding in Gaza.

Dr. Al Rabeeah outlined KSrelief's comprehensive strategy, which integrates nutrition programs with food security, water, sanitation, and health interventions. The center has already invested over billioninfoodsecurityprojectsandallocated179 million to nutrition-related activities.

Emphasizing the importance of accessible and sustainable food resources, as well as modern agriculture tools, Dr. Al Rabeeah called for lifting restrictions on food trade. He urged collective efforts to prevent malnutrition rather than just addressing its consequences, while also highlighting the shared goal of ensuring a safe and prosperous life for all children.

The summit served as a platform for development, health, and agriculture ministers, scientists, innovators, civil society organizations, and multilateral institutions to collaborate and find durable solutions for food insecurity and malnutrition. It aimed to rally support and drive positive change for a better and more secure future.

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