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  • Ahmed Saleh

Dr. Fahad Abu-Mouti highlights World Water Day's importance

Riyadh, March 22, 2024, Dr. Fahad Abu-Mouti, the leader of the founding team at the Global Water Organization (GWO), emphasized the significance of World Water Day observed annually on March 22nd. According to him, this day serves as a crucial reminder to both governments and individuals worldwide about the pressing water-related challenges faced globally, particularly in addressing water scarcity issues, which are vital for the survival of humanity in the future.

Dr. Abu-Mouti highlighted the extensive efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in extending support to numerous countries by initiating essential water projects aimed at mitigating local water crises. He pointed out that the Kingdom has prioritized water scarcity on its global agenda, demonstrating its commitment to tackling these challenges on local and international fronts. This commitment was further exemplified by the recent announcement from His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, regarding the launch of GWO. This initiative aims to establish a unified global platform dedicated to addressing water scarcity issues and achieving sustainable development goals.

Furthermore, Dr. Abu-Mouti expressed the Kingdom's aspirations, through GWO, to build upon its national, regional, and international achievements within the water industry. He commended the leading role played by the United Nations in spearheading international efforts toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal No.6, which focuses on ensuring access to clean water and sanitation services for all.

In closing, Dr. Abu-Mouti emphasized the alignment of GWO's objectives with the global agenda and trends, emphasizing its goal to integrate and enhance governmental and organizational efforts in ensuring global water sustainability. The organization's strategy includes fostering knowledge exchange, advancing technology, promoting innovation, and sharing research and development experiences. Additionally, it aims to facilitate the establishment and funding of priority projects, thereby ensuring the long-term sustainability and accessibility of water resources for everyone.

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