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  • Ahmed Saleh

Education Minister Al-Bunyan enhances Saudi-US cooperation in science and education

Washington, February 12, 2024, During his visit to the United States from February 6 to 10, Minister of Education Yousef Al-Bunyan, along with his accompanying delegation, engaged in a series of significant meetings and activities aimed at strengthening cooperation in scientific, educational, and research domains between Saudi Arabia and the United States.

One of the primary objectives of the visit was to explore avenues for collaboration in early childhood education, as well as the education of students with special needs and disabilities. This involved visits to various educational institutions and universities across the US to observe and learn from best international practices.

Additionally, Minister Al-Bunyan sought to attract foreign investment in public and graduate education in Saudi Arabia. Through meetings with senior US officials and key investors, discussions were held regarding the opportunities and facilities provided by the Saudi government to investors, aligning with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

During his visit to the University of Chicago, Minister Al-Bunyan discussed potential collaborations in research, innovation, and the establishment of independent schools. In Washington, meetings were held with officials from the US Department of State and the US Department of Education to showcase advancements in the Kingdom's economy, investment, and education sector.

Furthermore, a forum on investment in education in Saudi Arabia was convened in Washington, attended by numerous investors and representatives from US universities and institutions. The forum aimed to introduce investment opportunities and address inquiries regarding the establishment of American educational institutions in the Kingdom.

Minister Al-Bunyan also visited Gallaudet University in Washington, specialized in educating students with hearing disabilities, and discussed potential cooperation to establish similar centers in Saudi Arabia. Meetings were also held with officials from various educational organizations and companies in New York City to present investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia's education sector.

Additionally, Minister Al-Bunyan met with Saudi students on scholarships in Chicago and Washington, briefing them on the objectives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques scholarship program and highlighting the societal developments in Saudi Arabia across various fields. These interactions emphasized the importance of education in shaping individuals and societies, reflecting the values of Saudi culture and society.

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