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  • Ahmed Saleh

Emirati owner hails Al-Janadriyah field for camel racing excellence

Riyadh, February 10, 2024, Emirati Sultan Al Wahibi, renowned as the proprietor of the United Arab Emirates' presidential camels, emphasized the unparalleled advantages offered by the Al-Janadriyah field in optimizing camel races, yielding remarkable results and fostering competitive performances.

Underlining the significance of the field, Al Wahibi's camel 'Faydah' triumphed in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' Festival for Camels, commencing last Thursday. 'Faydah' clinched the top spot in the 'Haqayeq' category, completing the race in an impressive time of 5:51.827 minutes.

Praising the pivotal role of the field in 'Faydah's' victory, Al Wahibi expressed admiration for the rapid completion of the renovation and development project undertaken by the Saudi Camel Federation in a mere 50 days. He attributed this feat to the commitment of federation officials, underscoring their exceptional standards, honed through their extensive experience in hosting championships and festivals throughout the year, starting with the Crown Prince's Camel Festival in Taif.

Reflecting on his leadership of the presidential camels and the attainment of the prize, Al Wahibi conveyed confidence in achieving this milestone, emphasizing his delight in 'Faydah's' inaugural participation and subsequent triumph. He noted the widespread enthusiasm among festival attendees, as evident from his interactions with friends and fellow participants.

Regarding expectations for upcoming rounds, Al Wahibi acknowledged the intense competition and meticulous preparations undertaken by all contenders to secure top positions. Anticipating thrilling races until the final moments, he highlighted the unwavering determination displayed across all rounds during the festival's initial three days.

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