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  • Ahmed Saleh

Eng. Badr Aldulami unveils Saudi pavilion at Czech World Road Exhibition

Riyadh, October 3, 2023, Eng. Badr Aldulami, the Acting CEO of the General Roads Authority, recently unveiled the Saudi pavilion at the World Road Exhibition in the Czech Republic. The pavilion serves as a platform to showcase the National Strategy for Transportation and Logistics Services, which underscores the Kingdom's aspiration to become a global logistics hub bridging three continents.

The exhibition offers insights into the authority's road sector strategy, emphasizing safety, quality, and traffic management. It also highlights the advanced technologies employed in road construction, featuring 18 survey and assessment machines, scientific simulation devices for research and studies, and innovative asphalt mixtures.

Additionally, the pavilion presents lucrative investment opportunities within the sector and underscores the infrastructure potential of Saudi Arabia's road network.

Saudi Arabia's top-ranking in the global Road Network Connectivity index is a testament to its status as a pivotal global logistics hub. This distinction is attributed to its extensive and interconnected road network that spans key regions, thereby bolstering economic and logistics activities.

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