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  • Ahmed Saleh

Eng. Haitham Al-Ohali launches Kaspersky Transparency Center in Middle East

Riyadh, September 18, 2023, The Vice Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Eng. Haitham Al-Ohali, launched the "Kaspersky Transparency Center" yesterday, the first of its type in the Middle East. The launch is a crucial component of Kaspersky's Global Transparency Initiative, the company's flagship initiative aimed at fostering trust and ensuring the reliability of its products and procedures. Since the objectives of the "Saudi Vision 2030" closely correspond with Riyadh, Kaspersky chose Riyadh as the headquarters for its first Transparency Center in the Middle East. The vision works to advance the Kingdom's standing as a center of innovation and technology, and it has made Riyadh a desirable location for multinational corporations looking to locate their regional headquarters. The source code of each Kaspersky on-premise solution is available for study by visitors to the Transparency Center in Riyadh. The entire evaluation procedure is based on technicality and uses the "piste" skiing color codes of "blue," "red," and "black." "Blue Piste" provides a broad overview of the data management practices and security development processes used by Kaspersky in the creation of its products and services. With the help of the company's experts, "Red Piste" enables a study of the most important parts of the source code and offers a focused inspection of certain functionality. With the assistance of Kaspersky's experts, "Black Piste" enables users to perform the most thorough source code review.

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