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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ministry launches Agriculture Hackathon

Riyadh, July 24, 2023, Today, the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture officially kicked off the highly anticipated "Agriculture Hackathon." This groundbreaking event aims to ignite a spark of inspiration and provide unwavering support to the younger generation, developers, and innovators, all with the common goal of fostering creativity and driving innovation within the agricultural sector. In a bid to foster a sustainable agricultural ecosystem in line with the objectives of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, an upcoming event is set to focus on the development of digital solutions, platforms, and applications. The aim is to intelligently address the challenges faced in the sector, with the ultimate goal of driving progress and innovation. In a recent announcement, the ministry revealed that the competition aims to provide crucial backing for agricultural development objectives. It is set to bolster both food and water security while also striving to improve productivity and quality within the sector. Additionally, the competition will focus on optimizing supply chain processes and tackling various agricultural challenges. Embracing modern and emerging technologies within the agricultural domain is another key aspect of the competition, as it aims to harness their potential. Lastly, the competition seeks to raise agricultural awareness and education among different segments of society. The competition has been carefully crafted to cater to a wide range of participants, including university and institute students, graduates, ambitious agricultural entrepreneurs, individuals brimming with innovative technological ideas in agriculture, passionate enthusiasts, and seasoned experts in the field, including skilled programmers. The focus of this initiative is to tackle various challenges through the development of groundbreaking solutions in two key areas. The first track is dedicated to sustainable agricultural development, ensuring food security, and maximizing fishery wealth. It also aims to promote sustainable consumption practices, implement protected cultivation methods, adopt modern agricultural techniques, encourage water-saving agriculture, and facilitate rainwater harvesting. According to the Ministry, the second track focuses on various aspects, including plant and animal health, with an emphasis on bolstering disease and pest prevention in agriculture and animal husbandry. Additionally, it aims to address the pressing issue of the red palm weevil infestation by implementing preventive and combative measures. In addition, the Ministry emphasized that the Hackathon competitions offer a valuable platform for participants to cultivate their ideas, showcase their technological prowess and expertise, and interact with esteemed agricultural professionals and specialists. In a statement released by the Ministry, it was highlighted that participants in the upcoming event can expect to be immersed in a highly competitive atmosphere. The Ministry further emphasized that the top three achievers will be rewarded with enticing financial incentives, including a staggering amount of up to SR 300,000. The Ministry has announced that registration for the upcoming event is now officially open. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the provided link,, and carefully follow the required steps in order to successfully complete the registration process. The deadline for registration is set for September 14.

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