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  • Ahmed Saleh

EVIQ, a PIF-SEC joint venture, opens first-of-its-kind EV R&D facility in Riyadh

Riyadh, December 17, 2023, The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Company (EVIQ), a joint venture between the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), has announced the opening of a research and development (R&D) facility in Riyadh. This facility is considered the first of its kind in the region and is dedicated to testing a range of chargers and software, ensuring the deployment of high-quality equipment and related software in the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

The R&D facility is designed to uphold EVIQ's commitment to quality, efficiency, and the advancement of the EV sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It serves as a crucial element in the company's strategy to deliver top-quality EV charging solutions by thoroughly testing various types of chargers, ensuring compatibility with a range of EVs and meeting the highest quality and safety standards for operation in Saudi Arabia.

Mohammad Bakr Gazzaz, CEO of EVIQ, emphasized the significance of the R&D facility in supporting the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and promoting sustainable development in the EV infrastructure. The facility is positioned as a hub for developing expertise and knowledge in charger technology, aligning with Saudi Arabia's sustainability goals and contributing to the growth of a sustainable and advanced EV ecosystem in the country.

EVIQ has ambitious plans to deploy 5,000 chargers across 1,000 strategic locations by 2030, reflecting its dedication to catalyzing the EV ecosystem in Saudi Arabia and ushering in a new era of sustainable mobility. The R&D facility plays a pivotal role in achieving these goals by enhancing charger efficiency, reliability, and compatibility to meet the evolving needs of the electric vehicle market in Saudi Arabia.

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