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  • Sheryll Mericido

EXEED Co-Creation Conference's test drive event at Wuhu Fantasia, October 17-18

The EXEED User Ecology Co-Creation Conference launched its much-anticipated test drive event on October 17-18 at the Wuhu Fantasia test drive venue. Over a hundred automotive enthusiasts converged in the vibrant city of Wuhu to partake in a thrilling and educational experience.

Hosted at the Fantawild test drive venue, the event was a dream come true for automotive enthusiasts. It featured three distinct areas, each offering a unique facet of the EXEED driving experience. The dynamic test drive area allowed participants to push EXEED vehicles to their limits, assessing performance, handling, and responsiveness. In the dynamic photo area, attendees captured exhilarating moments behind the wheel, while the static display area showcased the full EXEED lineup, complete with expert-led vehicle explanations.

A standout feature of the event was the random assignment of test drive models, injecting an element of surprise and excitement. The test track included areas for show cars, straight-line acceleration, and an eight-turn challenge, each offering a distinct test drive experience.

Safety and responsible driving were paramount, with all participants required to sign a test drive agreement before hitting the road. The EXEED models put to the test included the new VX (2.0TGDI 4WD), the new TXL (2.0TGDI 4WD), the new LX (1.6T + 7DCT 4WD), the RX (2.0TGDI), and the all-electric EXLANTIX.

This two-day event attracted a diverse global audience. On October 17, participants from Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Mexico, the Middle East, Egypt, and other subsidiaries embarked on their EXEED adventure. The following day, participants from Brazil, Chile, and Peru embraced their EXEED exploration journey.

Beyond the thrill of driving EXEED vehicles, the event served as an opportunity for the automaker to engage with its diverse customer base and gather invaluable feedback.

EXEED's dedication to customer engagement and innovation was evident throughout the event. The random car model assignments and diverse driving scenarios ensured each participant had a unique and unforgettable experience behind the wheel of an EXEED vehicle. With attendees hailing from around the world, the test drive event underscored EXEED's global appeal and its commitment to delivering exceptional automotive experiences.

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