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  • Ahmed Saleh

EXEED introduced its new VX flagship at the Geneva Motor Show

EXEED unveiled its latest flagship, the new VX, at the Geneva International Motor Show in Doha, Qatar on October 5. The new VX combines cutting-edge technology with premium features, making a bold statement in style and performance.

The exterior design of the new EXEED VX is unexpected and captivating. It represents more than just a mode of transportation; it embodies exploration, quality, ingenuity, and persistence. This premium vehicle appeals to a diverse range of individuals, including business leaders, industry pioneers, craftsmanship enthusiasts, musicians, and esteemed academics.

Inside, the VX offers spacious seating for up to six people, making it a mobile boardroom for business leaders and an ideal space for innovation meetings for industry pioneers. Craftsmanship enthusiasts will appreciate the exquisite interior details, while musicians will find it to be a creative canvas for their work. Academics will see a fusion of cutting-edge technology and academic rigor in this vehicle.

The VX boasts impressive features such as massage seats in the first row and ventilated seats in the second row, creating a VIP experience for all passengers. It includes an advanced audio system with 23 speakers, ANC noise reduction for clear conversations, and a CN95 air conditioning filter for fresh air. Musicians can fine-tune their music in this mobile studio.

One standout feature of the VX is its four screens, offering a digital playground for modern minds. It allows occupants to work, play, and navigate seamlessly, making it a tech haven for those who crave innovation. The vehicle also includes two wireless charging spots and Internet of Vehicles (IoV) technology to stay connected with real-time insights and navigation assistance.

Under the hood, the VX is powered by a robust 2.0T GDI engine with all-wheel drive, ensuring a powerful and comfortable ride for adventurers, professionals, and musicians alike. Safety is a top priority, with 24 ADAS functions and ten airbags providing peace of mind for all passengers.

In summary, the new EXEED VX is more than just a car; it's a lifestyle. It caters to various individuals' needs, offering a mobile office, a canvas for ideas, a work of art in motion, and a stage for musicians. With its advanced technology and premium features, the VX redefines premium automotive travel. EXEED plans to introduce this new generation of VX in the Middle East, expanding options for premium travel experiences in the region.

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