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EXLANTIX is set to launch a new premium battery electric series soon

Amidst evolving consumer preferences in the realm of vehicle purchases, the luxury automobile market is witnessing a gradual surge in the adoption of new energy vehicles. As the entire automotive industry undergoes a transformative shift towards electrification, emerging players in the sector are presented with a unique opportunity to redefine their identities and reshape the landscape of the premium automobile market.

In a grand display of the automotive industry's evolution, the 20th Shanghai International Automobile and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, also known as Automobile Shanghai, took place on April 18 at the esteemed China National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. With the overarching theme of "Embracing the New Era of the Automobile Industry," the event showcased the latest advancements and innovations in the world of automobiles. EXLANTIX Unveils Cutting-Edge Electric Sedan, Battery Electric SUV, and Revolutionary Technologies at Industry Showcase At the highly anticipated Auto Shanghai 2023 event, an impressive brand launch took place, captivating audiences from all corners of the globe. The spotlight was on EXLANTIX as they unveiled their remarkable high-end battery electric series.

The battery electric sedan, known internally as E03, and the battery electric SUV, known internally as E0Y, are set to revolutionize the comfort experience for users across various driving scenarios. Both vehicles are built on the high-performance electric platform E0X, which serves as the foundation for their exceptional performance. By deconstructing and redefining comfort, these vehicles aim to deliver a luxurious and satisfying driving experience to their users. On a momentous occasion, the highly anticipated Automobile Shanghai 2023 event will witness the grand unveiling of the remarkable all-electric platform, E0X. This groundbreaking development by EXEED is set to captivate audiences with its impressive display of technological prowess and sheer power.

During the highly anticipated launch event, a new premium battery electric brand by the name of EXLANTIX made its grand entrance. The brand's name, reminiscent of the fabled advanced civilization known as Atlantis, immediately captured the attention and imagination of attendees. EXLANTIX, a pioneering company in the energy sector, is dedicated to transforming the mythical energy system of Atlantis into a tangible reality. By harnessing cutting-edge technology in the field of renewable energy, EXLANTIX aims to offer users an unparalleled and luxurious mobility experience, ensuring utmost comfort and convenience.

Introducing the groundbreaking EXLANTIX products, E03 and E0Y, which are set to revolutionize the world of electric vehicles. With an impressive endurance mileage surpassing 700km, these vehicles are designed to go the extra mile. Not only that, but they boast an incredible feat of driving 150 kilometers after just 5 minutes of charging. What sets them apart from their competitors is their remarkably low energy consumption of 12 kWh for every 100km driven, making them the undisputed leaders in their class. With these remarkable features, users can now experience the joy of "worry-free driving" like never before. In addition, the combination of their cutting-edge technology, plush seating, and high-quality materials imbues a sense of elegance and refinement, resulting in a driving experience that effortlessly blends style and comfort.

The introduction of EXLANTIX signifies a significant milestone in the emerging market for premium vehicles powered by new energy sources. EXLANTIX, a brand synonymous with transcendence and exploration, embodies humanity's relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and achieving new heights in the realm of premium automotive experiences. EXLANTIX, a prominent company, is currently engaged in negotiations with several local distributors in Saudi Arabia. The aim of these discussions is to establish a cooperative partnership that will pave the way for EXLANTIX's entry into the Saudi Arabian market in 2024. With this strategic move, the company intends to introduce a revolutionary and unparalleled high-end experience to discerning Saudi customers.

In Saudi Arabia, a wide array of brand-new EXEED cars await automotive enthusiasts. For those seeking the latest updates on EXEED and its exciting new releases, a visit to the Auto News section on the esteemed Motory website is highly recommended. Stay informed and stay ahead with Motory's comprehensive coverage of all things EXEED.

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