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  • Ahmed Saleh

Federation of Saudi Chambers President reveals comprehensive development initiative

Riyadh, January 15, 2024, During a meeting with the leaders of Saudi Foreign Business Councils, Hassan bin Mujab Al-Huwaizi, the President of the Federation of Saudi Chambers, unveiled an extensive development initiative. The project aims to invigorate the role and involvement of business councils in realizing the objectives outlined in the Kingdom's Vision 2030. A key focus is on establishing robust trade and investment partnerships that will amplify the private sector's contribution to foreign trade.

The comprehensive development project encompasses various facets, with a primary emphasis on expanding the number of business councils to a total of 70. This implies the creation of 30 new councils, a strategic move aimed at fortifying the Kingdom's trade and investment relationships with more than 124 countries worldwide. This initiative underscores a commitment to fostering international collaborations and aligning with the broader vision for economic growth and diversification outlined in Saudi Arabia's ambitious Vision 2030.

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