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  • Ahmed Saleh

FII7's CEO Richard Attias discussed the event's substantial impact

Riyadh, October 23, 2023, In anticipation of the 7th edition of the Future Investment Initiative (FII7), scheduled to take place in Riyadh from October 24 to 26, Richard Attias, CEO of the FII Institute, shared insights into the initiative's significant impact and contributions. This global platform has played a pivotal role in guiding its members, partners, and stakeholders in navigating an unpredictable world.

During an exclusive interview with the Saudi Press Agency, Attias revealed that FII has facilitated approximately $120 billion in investments over the past seven years through various agreements, contracts, and deals.

He emphasized that one of FII's key contributions is its ability to convene people from around the world to engage in discussions on global trends, encompassing topics such as climate, space, and artificial intelligence.

FII7, themed "New Compass," is positioned as a global conversation hub in the Kingdom where stakeholders can gain insights into strategic investment in various geographical regions and sectors.

Attias stressed the institute's commitment to providing stakeholders, including the media, with tools and access to valuable information, recognizing the importance of data in an unpredictable world.

As a data-driven organization, the FII Institute offers its partners access to a wealth of data from diverse sources, reinforcing the notion that information equals power.

FII has acted as a catalyst, fostering connections between CEOs and young entrepreneurs or startups, enabling fundraising for business growth, development, and job creation. FII members have actively supported initiatives such as providing clean water access to African villages and online education.

The forthcoming FII event in Riyadh is expected to host over 6,000 participants from more than 90 countries, facilitating discussions on navigating the current challenging global landscape.

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