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  • Ahmed Saleh

FMTECH and THE RIG sign MoU under PIF umbrella

Riyadh, February 08, 2024, In a recent development, the Saudi Facility Management Company, known as FMTECH, and the Oil Park Development Company (OPDC) called 'THE RIG.,' both subsidiaries of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), have inked a pivotal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), according to a press release issued by FMTECH.

The MoU, signed by FMTECH's CEO, Eng. Adel Ibrahim Alroeshedy, and the Oil Park Development Company (OPDC) CEO, Eng. Raed Bakhrji, is poised to wield considerable influence in shaping the strategic direction for facilities, property, and asset management services at THE RIG.

As outlined in the release, the primary objective of this agreement is to harmonize THE RIG.'s operational service requirements with best-in-class facilities and asset management methodologies.

Eng. Alroeshedy expressed his perspective, stating, "Engaging in an ambitious venture like THE RIG. presents us with numerous collaborative opportunities that will facilitate the integration of cutting-edge technologies into facility and asset management practices." He reiterated FMTECH's commitment to providing expert counsel on optimal strategies for addressing a spectrum of challenges and devising innovative solutions pertinent to the upkeep and administration of project facilities, including aspects such as accessibility, visitor experience, and safety.

Eng. Bakhrji underscored the significance of the collaboration with FMTECH in augmenting THE RIG.'s operational efficiency and safety standards. He elaborated, "Through this partnership, we endeavor to ensure that our facilities are not only designed and equipped to meet their current operational imperatives but are also adaptable to future exigencies or modifications."

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