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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ford Ranger Raptor, a 292kW high-performance vehicle, designed for off-road enthusiasts

The Ford Ranger Raptor, a high-performance powerhouse boasting 292kW, has been meticulously designed and engineered to provide an exhilarating experience both on and off the road. Dave Burn, Chief Platform Engineer for the Ranger Raptor, emphasizes that this exceptional vehicle was crafted by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts, drawing inspiration from the world of desert racing.

At the core of the Ranger Raptor's design is a commitment to delivering a thrilling driving experience. To enhance this, Ford has incorporated a customizable Performance Shift Light Indicator, a feature familiar to race drivers for decades. This indicator guides drivers by signaling the optimal engine speed for gear changes, ensuring maximum acceleration on various terrains. Ford initially introduced this technology with the Mustang GT350 in 2015.

Burn underlines the performance-oriented nature of the Ranger Raptor, citing its participation in events like the Baja and the Tatts Finke Desert Race. The Performance Shift Indicator is just one of several performance-driven features, including the anti-lag functionality in Baja mode and the advanced FOX Shocks with Live Valve technology.

While the default mode for most drivers is the automatic Drive (D) setting on the e-Shifter, the Ranger Raptor allows enthusiasts to take control by selecting Manual (M) mode. This hands-on approach gives the driver full control over gear changes using Magnesium-alloy paddle shifters, ideal for navigating challenging roads or optimizing fuel efficiency.

The Performance Shift Indicator, a highlight of the Ranger Raptor's advanced features, offers visual and audible cues to signal optimal gear changes. Accessed through the vehicle's main menu on the 12.4-inch instrument cluster, drivers can customize the Shift Tone and Shift Point (between 4000–6500rpm) to suit their preferences.

Burn highlights the practicality of the audible warning, ensuring drivers can stay focused on the road. The ability to adjust when the Performance Shift Indicator prompts gear changes allows for customization based on terrain and driving style. Beyond its performance benefits, the indicator can be utilized for fuel-efficient driving by encouraging earlier gear changes.

To activate the Performance Shift Indicator, drivers can access the settings, select Performance Shift Indicator, enable it, and then customize the Shift Point and Shift Tone according to their driving preferences. With this innovative feature, drivers will notice the tachometer illuminating and changing color as the revs increase, providing a dynamic and engaging driving experience in the Ford Ranger Raptor.

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