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  • Ahmed Saleh

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns Quran burning in Copenhagen.

Riyadh, July 23, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in its resplendent glory, doth express the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's fervent condemnation and vehement denunciation for the grievous failure to undertake the requisite measures to avert the sacrilegious acts committed against the sacred symbols and sanctuaries of Islam. Alas, the latest transgression witnessed was the abhorrent act of igniting a copy of the Holy Quran while simultaneously raising blasphemous slogans against the noble Muslim faith, perpetrated by members of an extremist faction before the esteemed Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in the enchanting city of Copenhagen. The ministry, in its eloquent expression, has conveyed the Kingdom's profound disapproval of these ignoble deeds that ignite aggression and foster animosity towards religion. It has issued a stern caution, urging against the recurrence of such acts that inflame the sentiments of countless Muslims across the globe and transgress the boundaries of international laws and conventions.

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