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Foreign Ministry: Saudi Arabia Welcomes UN Operational Plan to Solve Problem of FSO Safer Oil Tanker

Riyadh, July 26, 2023, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as expressed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has warmly embraced the United Nations' execution of its operational strategy to address the predicament surrounding the Floating Storage and Offloading Unit (FSO) Safer Oil Tanker. This plan entails the commencement of the unloading process for the vessel's substantial cargo of approximately 1.14 million barrels of crude oil. The Ministry has expressed the Kingdom's appreciation for the achievements of international efforts and UN initiatives in recent years. These efforts have led to the commencement of unloading operations for the FSO Safer, effectively preventing a potential environmental catastrophe that posed a significant threat to maritime security and the global economy in the Red Sea. The Kingdom highly appreciates the efforts of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the dedicated team at the United Nations who are diligently working to tackle the pressing matter concerning the FSO Safer Oil Tanker. The Kingdom expresses its gratitude for the generous financial support provided by donor countries in the efforts to eliminate the threat posed by the FSO. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has emerged as a leading contributor in addressing the pressing matter of FSO safety by extending financial grants through the esteemed King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief). This proactive step showcases Saudi Arabia's commitment to assisting the international community in finding a resolution to this critical issue. In a recent statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's strong desire for the prompt and complete unloading of oil from the FSO Safer. This unloading is expected to be carried out in accordance with the operational plan devised by the United Nations. The ministry emphasized the importance of adhering to this plan and ensuring that the oil is transferred to the ship "Nautica" without any delays. The organization also expressed gratitude towards the Command of the "Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen" for their assistance in facilitating the arrival of the alternative vessel, which has now commenced the unloading operations. In a recent statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed its commitment to collaborate with the United Nations and the Yemeni government in their joint endeavors to address the pressing issue surrounding the FSI Safer Oil Tanker.

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